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Địa điểm: Kyushu Promotion Center Villa A3, 73 Vạn Bảo, Kim Mã, Ba Đình

Thông tin về trường đại học Kyushu Sangyo dành cho các bạn sinh viên Việt Nam muốn du học tại Nhật Bản

Đơn vị tổ chức: Đại học Kyushu Sangyo, khoa thương mai Seminar: Thầy Funaoka

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A Business Platform
Bringing Kyushu and Vietnam Together

The Kyushu Promotion Centre (K.P.C.) is a business platform that aims to connect the Japanese prefecture of Kyushu with Vietnam. The predominant service it provides is rental office space, as well as shared office and individual co-working spaces, but what the centre strives to achieve is a versatile space for business information and opportunity to be shared between Kyushu and Vietnam. With this objective, K.P.C. opened on 2nd November, 2020.

We offer furnished offices of various sizes that hold up to 12 people, co-working spaces, meeting rooms and online meeting booths (phone booths), all with access to fast internet and the free drink bar.

K.P.C. is located within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Vietnam district of central Hanoi, Kim Ma. Along with the cooperation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, K.P.C. is operated by the following three companies: Kyushu Economic Federation (hereinafter referred to as Kyukeiren), Kamichiku Group of Kagoshima and Zero-Ten Park of Fukuoka.

Our facility is not restricted to just Kyushu based companies. We welcome Vietnamese companies currently in business with Japan or have intentions to explore the opportunity to do so in future as well as any Japanese companies with the same aspiration in Vietnam.

Our management team offers support to Japanese and Vietnamese businesses in numerous ways. With the cooperation of the Embassy of Japan, Consulate General of Vietnam and Ministry of Planning and Investment, we hold online events to actively share relevant and reliable information directly.

Why don't you come visit us at K.P.C.? Our multipurpose centre can be used for short-term business trip based use, as a temporary office until your company establishment is complete, as your main office and base for your team in expanding into the Vietnam's business industry and much more. Please let us help you grow your business in our supportive and comfortable workspaces.


Cultivated workspace for
project development


Expansive network supporting
projects and businesses


Extensive connections with companies
and organisations associated with Kyushu

Plan / Service

We have a range of different plans that fits various working styles and group size.
It is possible to apply for an individual Share Seat monthly plan as a corporate body.

In addition to the free services we offer to our members,
we also offer optional services for your additional needs.

Services available to all plans

Free drinks

Fast Wi-Fi

Private booths designed for phone call usage.

Access to The Company offices worldwide
(Kyushu Economic Federation members only)


Introducing our Kyushu Promotion Center powered by The Company members!

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K.P.C.(Kyushu Promotion Center)powered by The Company Bldg.
Villa A3, 73 Van Bao, Ngoc Khanh, Ba Dinh, Ha Noi, Vietnam

K.P.C.(Kyushu Promotion Center)Wagyu Dining Ushino Kura / Showroom Bldg.
44 Van Bao, Ngoc Khanh, Ba Dinh, Ha Noi, Vietnam